Versatile DIY Country Wedding Decorations - The Ocoee River Barn Versatile DIY Country Wedding Decorations - The Ocoee River Barn
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Versatile DIY Country Wedding Decorations

Country barn weddings in Tennessee are still incredibly popular, and probably always will be. The country landscape, wooden barn, rustic features, and natural beauty are hard to beat. Barns already come decorated for weddings, with their natural features but some added rustic, chic decor lets you put a personal touch on your wedding.

As a wedding barn venue in Tennessee, we have seen our fair share of country wedding decorations. We even have decorations already at the barn for couples to use. But over the years we’ve compiled a list of our favorite country wedding decorations. We have our favorite country ceremony decorations and reception details. The best part about country wedding decorations is that they can be easily moved from the ceremony to the reception, blending in flawlessly.

Ceremony Decor

Country wedding ceremonies already provide a natural background to the ceremony. The ceremony does not need a lot of decorating to create a stunning scene. While the ceremony is the most important part of a wedding, it is often the shortest part of the day. You want to create decorations that are movable and versatile, so they can be used at the reception as well.

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Reception Decor

Barns are easily one of the most exquisite wedding reception venues in Tennessee. Ranging from rustic barns to newly-renovated, Tennessee barns inspire a romantic atmosphere that is not as easily achieved by other wedding reception venues. Using the barn’s already natural features, the need for decorations is minimum.

The bare essential reception decor are twinkle lights, photo booth area and props, guest book, lounge seating and side tables, and photos of the couple throughout the relationship. But we would say that chic wedding signs, hanging decor, and cute quote signs are just as important as the rest. The reception decorations show your guests your personality as a couple. So don’t hold back. If you want to go all out on wedding decorations, then do! But keeping decorations simple in a country barn venue is just as elegant and stunning.

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country wedding decorations
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