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Antique Barn Wedding Ideas

Picture an antique barn wedding venue in Tennessee: there are lots of chic decorations, such as twinkle lights hanging throughout the barn and reception area, cream-colored floral arrangements, as well as worn and rustic neutral colored tables, chairs, and extras with pops of darker colors subtly mixed in. For your special day though, you don’t want it to be like all of the other barn weddings in Tennessee, you want a more unique antique barn wedding with a chic and rustic feel, that leaves your guests feeling like they were transported back in time.

Here are 4 unique Antique Barn Wedding Ideas that’ll add the perfect touch to your wedding.


Lace Accents

White or cream lace has a way of transporting anyone back in time when they see it, and also adds a very romantic look. Lace accents such as table runners, lace wrapped around candles & vases, and lace wrap around chairs paired with burlap to make a bow add the perfect antique flair.


Lantern Centerpieces

Lighting is such an important aspect of a wedding – it really sets the mood for the environment. Lanterns can make a great centerpiece for tables, or even placed around the barn to provide lighting by candle or bulb. They also provide that old-time, rustic feel that makes an antique barn wedding perfect.


Vintage Pieces

Setting up vintage pieces such as old suitcases outside of the reception entryway or along the aisle add a perfect touch of antique charm. These types of props are easy to find at thrift stores, or maybe you have some within the family you can use! Either way, these are the perfect backdrop for photos, or just for adding that old-world aesthetic.


Wheat Bouquet

Do something different with your bouquet and go for a flower arrangement filled with dried wheat. The earthy tones and rustic colors will be perfect for the country chic theme, and it is a very unique arrangement none of your friends are likely to have!


To plan the best antique barn wedding, you’ll need the twinkle lights and antique decorations, but most important of all, you’ll need the perfect barn! Ocoee River Barn is the top cost-efficient barn wedding venue Tennessee has to offer. Plan a venue tour with us and begin imagining your antique barn wedding in our quaint, country chic barn!